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Good poets offer an insight into their own reality.
Great poets offer a new perspective on the universal ‘real’.
Mast poets hack the ‘real’ apart.

And this is what you will find in Michael Conner’s work,
a master class in hacking temporality and subsequent
‘reality’ apart.
– Juris d. Ahn & Dr. Con

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A work of beauty & mystery.!

Michael was born and raised in Los Angeles, west side. At 16 years old he began metaphysical studies with a 4th Way school. Michael moved later to Portland Oregon to major in Liberal Arts whilst at college. In his early twenties he traveled to Europe and wandered extensively, settling in Paris where he felt truly at home.

After returning to Los Angeles he joined the Art Rock Band,”Gray Pavilion” writing songs and playing synthesizer.

Later with his wife in the Pacific North West he concentrated on helping abused children with multiple diagnosis for twenty five years.

He’s written poetry since he was 16, finding inspiration from the Dadaist, Romantic,Symbolist, Impressionist and Surrealist movements. His work is illuminating, transportive, and erotically charged. You’ll find both myth and mystery interwoven in his poetry.

Canto Sun is written for explorers of the edge, those that wander still. It illuminates, mapping the personal struggle for freedom, redemption and light.

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