Michael Conner's Bio

Michael Conner was born in Los Angeles California. In his early teens, Michael developed a love for poetry and reading in general where he found himself attracted to European authors and artists.

He began making weekly pilgrimages to the L.A. Art Museum studying paintings and sculpture while absorbing the rich ambiance. He realized back then that he felt more at home in the world of art than in the more established order.

In his late teens, Michael stumbled into a school rich in the Suifi lineage called the Prospero’s. The school eclectically drew from teachings around the world with an emphasis on critical thinking, self-observation, arts, and science.

It was at this time Michael began writing poetry taking inspiration from Baudelaire, Rimbaud, Artaud and Verlaine, etc. He also had a tremendous appreciation for the many painting movements ranging from Primitive, Dadaist, Impressionist, Symbolist, Surrealist, Pre-Raphaelites, and Classical art as well. He has a deep interest in any art forms that cross lines and wear the moniker of Avant-Garde.

He spent a year in Europe immersing himself in the various cultures, art, and architecture. Upon returning to the States Michael joined an art rock band called Gray Pavilion. He wrote lyrics and played bass on the synthesizer. He never claimed to be a musician.

He later went on to publish a book of poetry called Canto Sun in 2017. More recently he picked up the brush and found his internal circuits lighting up to a degree where he has since immersed his focus in the medium of painting. He finds himself on a steep learning curve drawing inspiration from many artists and styles beginning with Egon Schiele. He is using acrylic and ink on canvas or 300-pound cotton paper. Michael currently resides on the Washington coast across the bridge from Astoria Oregon.